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Monday 19 February 2018
The Friends of Brockwell Park were formed in 1985 to ensure the voices of park users are heard by Lambeth Council.     We exist to preserve, maintain and enhance this wonderful historic park and promote its use and enjoyment.
The FoBP is a voluntary body and a Registered Charity (1101515)
Membership is open to everyone who agrees with our aims and objectives.   Your support is vital and greatly appreciated.     We don't receive a penny in public funds, all our activities are run by volunteers - and everything we raise is spent on the Park and for park-users.
All members are welcome to our Annual General Meeting to elect the officers and Committee and discuss general policies.     We publish a quarterly newsletter which provides a forum for members' ideas and opinions.
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Data Protection:   Our membership records, including subscriptions, are held and processed in a secure computer database in the USA. The data are under the control of the webmaster and accessed/updated by key FoBP personnel via a secure encrypted connection. We will not share or release your data except under legal compulsion, however the US and UK Governments routinely spy on such data claiming this is legal - by their definition every citizen is a terrorist. If you object to this, complain to your MP. Any member who objects to their personal data being held in the computer database should inform the membership secretary and the data will be deleted.